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In today’s complex industrial landscape, projects demand unparalleled safety, flexibility and productivity from their scaffolding partners. To meet that challenge, AXIOS partners with PERI Industrial and utilizes their PERI-UP Rosett Flex scaffolding system.

The PERI-UP Rosett Flex is the most advanced scaffolding technology on the market. This trusted system delivers unrivaled quality in a modular design that streamlines the assembly process. It features pre-engineered main components and self-locking ledger connections. PERI-UP also boasts a generous load-carrying capacity and horizontal members that are tested and certified for tie-offs up to three meters in length.

Other features of the PERI-UP Rosett Flex
  • PERI-UP Gravity Lock technology maximizes safety and speed during the assembly process
  • Multi-purpose ledgers can be used as a guardrail above the deck, and provide extra support at deck level to reduce the overall number of components
  • Its modular design can connect to nearly any structure, and integrates seamlessly with piping installations to deliver a safe, gap-free working platform
  • Colored toe boards help teams identify, and mitigate, safety risks
  • The PERI-UP scaffold system has passed all seismic qualification tests.

Safe, efficient, flexible scaffolding solutions

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