Industrial Coatings

Minimize corrosion, reduce costs and gain peace of mind with AXIOS as your industrial coating contractor

AXIOS Industrial combines technology with craftsmanship to properly treat structural steel, tanks, vessels, pipelines and other complex equipment. Our experts are highly trained, fully certified and extensively experienced in a wide variety of painting and coating applications across the industrial sector.

Our industrial coating services control corrosion, minimize replacement costs and extend the life of your assets. We offer coatings, reinforced linings or specialized surface preparations to ensure your most critical assets remain in top working condition.

Guided by our stringent safety protocol, AXIOS ensures that every industrial coatings project meets strict safety and regulatory requirements — from our corrosion under insulation (CUI) service to tank coatings and beyond. We execute every service to meet your current and future facility requirements, whether you contract with us for new construction, facility expansion or long-term maintenance services.

Our team is home to NACE-certified coatings inspectors and other experts associated with the Houston Coating Society.

Industrial Coating Services


  • Tank Coatings: Protect your assets with long-lasting, abrasion-resistant interior and exterior tank coatings for all temperatures and requirements.
  • Reinforced Tank Linings: Get cost-effective, durable tank linings to protect steel and fiberglass storage tanks.


  • Pipe Coatings: Implement pipe coatings to avoid corrosion and improve flow.
  • Rehabilitation Pipeline Coatings: Request specialized coatings to protect and rehabilitate underground pipelines to extend their lifetimes.


  • High-Temperature Coatings Systems: Protect surfaces and minimize downtime with corrosion-resistant, high-temperature coatings for ceramics, metals and plastics.
  • Ceramic and Metallic Coatings: Prevent damage from UV rays, moisture or oxygen with ceramic and metallic coatings that are reliable even in harsh environments.
  • Architectural and Industrial Painting: Maintain your assets with swift industrial painting solutions.


  • Concrete Repair and Restoration: As durable as concrete is, at some point it will need repair. We'll create and execute a strategy to patch, smooth and restore your concrete surface to make it stronger than ever.
  • Lead Abatement: Reduce hazards and meet regulations with lead abatement solutions.

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