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Increase Your Profitability and Facility Reliability With Advanced Technology.

AIM-PROVE Productivity Software

Track Progress. Boost Efficiency. Lower Costs.

AXIOS eliminates the guesswork. With our proprietary AIM-PROVE software, we proactively analyze work completed per day, task, team and crew member.

We eliminate the hindrances to productivity that increase costs and cause delays so you know that we’ll complete your project to meet the strictest industry standards, your specifications and your deadlines.

Superior Data. Superior Results.

Our industrial maintenance technology allows you to review interactive, live data on your projects to:

  1. Evaluate project KPIs.
  2. Reduce hours.
  3. Prevent delays.
  4. Lower costs.

With AIM-PROVE, our industrial maintenance company team:

AXIOS Safety App

Safe by Choice, Not Chance

At AXIOS, we don’t just say safety is priority – we invest in it. We spent countless hours and resources creating a pioneering safety app that both saves time and increases the quality and quantity of the safety data we collect and the results we deliver.

Developed by site managers and front-line personnel, the AXIOS safety app reduces risks and improves the bedrock of on-site safety – employee engagement.

Boost Productive Time. Increase Safety.

AXIOS Industrial Maintenance Point™ (AIM-POINT)

Maximize Tool Time With Our Work Management App.

Often, a site’s day-to-day operations create a workload filled with unplanned tasks, spiking nonproductive time and costs.

With AIM-POINT, you can schedule work requests in advance, check the real-time status of your work requests and prioritize urgent jobs.

When you make a request, you can upload images of the work location and equipment, and we can upload pictures of the completed project. It’s just one of the ways we reduce your head count on site.

We tailor the app to your work site, and automatically track all your key performance indicators, saving time and allowing you to analyze critical data. You can monitor job progress, tool time and other productivity information. Plus, you can set push notifications send your team immediate alerts.

Rely on AXIOS as your industrial maintenance company to quickly increase the availability of your equipment, get labor to your work site faster and slash nonproductive time and costs.

AIM-POINT Allows You to

Why Choose AXIOS As Your Industrial Maintenance Company?

Experience the power of advanced technology from our PERI UP scaffolding system to our proprietary time and cost-saving safety, work management and productivity apps. We go the extra mile to deliver exceptional service, track your key performance indicators and continually increase your site’s tool time. 

Contact us to see how you can boost your productivity while reducing costs with an industrial maintenance company that delivers on time, every time.


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