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TWO TRUSTED COMPANIES. one diversified team.

AXIOS Industrial Group is the synergy between Industrial Maintenance Contractors (IMCON) and Sky Industrial Services, two of the most trusted brands in the industrial services and commercial sector. This unique synergy provides our clients with the diversified, dynamic, deeply integrated industrial services that meet today’s landscape demands.

Industrial Maintenance Contractors (IMCON)

For more than 50 years, the industrial sector has trusted Industrial Maintenance Contractors (IMCON) to fulfill its specialized needs. IMCON offers full-service industrial painting solutions including surface preparation, painting, coatings, fireproofing and lead abatement. It also specializes in maintenance painting and coatings for oil and gas processing, storage and transmission facilities.


Sky Industrial Services is a leading scaffolding, insulation and labor provider for industrial and commercial clients throughout the southeastern U.S. It’s team is home to highly trained professionals and a variety of certified specialists who deliver comprehensive industrial services.

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